The Three Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms

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Affiliate marketing is the process of awarding businesses or individuals for bringing in users and traffic to your site. The way it works is the retailer offers the affiliate compensation for advertising their retail store to the affiliate’s customers and users. This way, both the affiliate and the retailer benefit from each other.

This can be done by customers who refer friends and family members to open an account at a specified business, or by smaller businesses who work as an affiliate for bigger businesses. They can put ads on their site that are pay per click or speak about the bigger business (with links) in their content and on their page.

Affiliate platforms are changing every day, but as of 2017, there are a few that remain beneficial. Here are the three most popular.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an affiliate platform owned by…you guessed it! Google! All you have to do is sign up with your site. Allow Google to post ads on it. Then bring in the bucks Google sends your way!

One of the best things about Google AdSense is that you don’t have to have a lot of traffic in order to be considered. Sites with less than 100 views a day can partner up with AdSense. All you need is high-quality content.

If your site isn’t in English, it’s okay. Just like Google Translate knows multiple languages, so does Google AdSense! They will also show up in different formats, such as plain text, videos, or images.

Compared to other platforms, Google AdSense pays a fair price, at almost 70% of revenues.

The only downfall to Google AdSense is that if your site gets bad rep at all, you will be removed from the program immediately.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates may be the most popular affiliate platform. This is most likely due to their broad selection of products and users. But this may also be due to their age, as they are the first online affiliate program (established in 1996). Amazon prides them self in being user-friendly, and their affiliate program proves this to be true.

They are always straightforward and don’t give you distracting offers. Since there are millions of products on amazon, you will have a wide array of choices. This means there will definitely be relevant ads to fit your niche.

The biggest downfall here is that commissions are less than 5%. This means quantity over quality.


ClickBank is definitely the best platform for those with tech sites. You won’t have to register each item individually, but get 100% immediate approval upon being accepted.

Much like the difference in an eBook and paperback commission rate, with ClickBank, the rates are higher because the products are digital.

Commission ranges from 50% and 75% for affiliates. These payments are paid weekly or bi-weekly and always on time, no matter how much money is in your account.

The main downfall on ClickBank is that oftentimes, a product you are advertising for will be a scam. If this is the case, you’re out of luck with your payments.


There are more affiliate platforms out there. But these three choices are the most popular. When starting out, you want something steady and reliable. Any of these three will most likely satisfy your needs.

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